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Mechanic drain jetters

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MODEL K - manual powered drain cleaner manufactured by ELECTRIC EEL USA. This is economical easy-to-use hand operated unit for 1-1/4" - 3" diameter lines up to 100 Ft. One of the most used machines in Russia and CIS-region.
KINETIC WATER RAM - eliminates grease, hair and sediment from lines up to four inches in diameter.

HANDE DRAIN CLEANER – opens clogged sinks, lavatories, bathtubs and shower stall drains.
Professional quality, manual unit holds up to 35 Ft. of 1/4" or 5/16" diameter "music wire" cable.

HANDE CLOSET AUGER - extra flexible 3 Ft. "music wire" cable works well in all types of toilets.

ELECTRIC EEL electric powered drain jetters are used for everyday use in most severe conditions. Wide range of electric powered jetters will let you choose the optimal device size and configuration for specific needs: from grubbing tree roots from pipes to the daily cleaning of clogged sink. Electric drain jetters manufactured by Electric Eel are ideal for cleaning of sewer pipes, drains, sinks, etc. (with diameter of 32 mm up to 250 mm). Machines are equipped with all the necessary nozzles that allow us to clean the pipes of any complexity.
ELECTRIC EEL gasoline powered drain jetters are designed for professional cleaning of clogged pipes with diameter up to 500 mm and length up to 200 meters. Electric Eel manufactures two types of gasoline jetters: Model 800 and 325K. These units are completely unique and run the new 8Ft. sectional heavy-duty "municipal" cables. Model 800 is equipped with hydraulic pump.
Both models are designed specifically for professional organizations like sewer emergency services, municipal enterprises of water supply and others.
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