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Welding equipment

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The Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) process uses a consumable electrode and stick to form an arc between the power source and the work piece. As the weld bead forms, the stick contributes with molten metal weld puddle.

Eventually the electrode has to be replaced. To preserve the integrity of the weld the electrode is coated with a flux that vaporizes to form a protective atmosphere around the arc.

The flux forms a slag blanket which must be removed after the weld has cooled. Stick Welding is a relatively slow process that requires a moderate to high level of skill

The Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process uses a continuous wire electrode to form the arc and add molten metal to the weld puddle.Wire is constantly driven through the gun by feeding system.

Unlike SMAW welding, there is no need in constant replace of electrodes.The puddle is protected by an atmosphere of shielding gas, also delivered to the arc through the welding gun.

The MIG process reduces spatter, provides better control and produces very clean welds with no slag blanket.A similar process, Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), uses a wire with a central core of protective flux, which may eliminate the need for shielding gas.

MIG and FCAW are both very fast welding processes which require a moderate level of skill.

The Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) process uses a long lasting tungsten alloy electrode to form the arc between the power source and the weldment. If additional material is needed in the puddle, the operator normally hand-feeds a metal rod into the arc.

Because the electrode is not consumed, TIG allows the use of different electrode shapes which can be employed to control the arc configuration and welding action with remarkable precision.

Greater amperage means more power, and more power allows to weld thicker metals. An inert gas, fed through the welding torch, protects the weld from atmospheric contamination.

TIG is a very slow process that requires a high level of skill.

The Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC) process serves metal by using a constricted arc to melt a localized area of a work piece, removing the material with a high velocity jet of ionized gas fed through a constricted orifice. The ionized gas is a plasma, hence the name of this type of cutting.

The ability of this process – to sever any electrically conductive material – makes it especially attractive for cutting non-ferrous metals that could not be cut by the oxyfuel cutting (OFC) process. It was initially used for cutting stainless steel and aluminum.

As the cutting process had being developing, it was found that Plasma Arc Cutting has lots of advantages for cutting carbon steel as well as non-ferrous metals.

Liberty Tools™ multiprocess welding machines are designed for those users who require several welding processes to be covered by the same power source. Multiprocess welders are able to weld stick electrodes (SMAW) or coated electrode for (GTAW); can be used for gas metal arc welding (GMAW) or tubular electrode with flux cored wire (FCAW); also multiprocess machines are capable to do excellent cutting applications when using CAC-A.

Such versatility can be achieved by adding necessary accessories. Among Liberty Tools™ multiprocess welding machines the most well-known equipment are inverter power sources.

The main advantages of inverter welding machines are their outstanding arc stability, advanced technology, low energy consumption and light weight.

For those work areas lacking electric energy or where energy is not supplied, Liberty Tools offer a complete range of welding generators driven by either gasoline or diesel engines, depending on the application. Liberty Tools have at disposal multiprocess engine driven machines suitable for all kinds of welding processes: SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW and CAC-A.

Our welding generators work as power sources. This equipment is known for high efficiency, outstanding performance, low maintenance cost and excellent fuel yield; all of these features characterize our engine driven machines as perfect solution for industrial applications.

Liberty Tools accessories are designed to enhance the performance and the use of our equipment. Liberty Tools has a wide range of accessories that include wire feeders, high-frequency devices, remote control devices, and others
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